Want To Lose Weight? Read On To Discover A Brand New Diet Program Where The TYPICAL result is 3 - 10 Lbs Lost In The Very First Week!
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We analyzed 10 popular weight loss products including many of the big 'brands' and concluded that the new 'Diet Solution Program' was by far the easiest way to lose weight. Here's why...

You know about all of the diet issues that Oprah Winfrey went through for the past few decades right?

She has went from heavy to thin, over and over...and over again. To cut a long story short, after years of struggling with her weight, she finally understood the reasons behind her constant flux in results and unbalanced, short-term results – improper diets.

The Diet Solution Program is exactly what the title claims - it's a solution to your weight problems that is fast, effective and for the long term.

In fact, it's not a diet; it's an alternative to dieting and one that has been PROVEN to work.


In fact, the typical result is said to be 3 - 10 pounds lost in the first week. That's right... the TYPICAL result. No 'results not typical' disclaimer for this one. Frankly, that is a VERY confident statement as you simply cannot advertise a diet program in this way unless you have proof to back it up - you'll get into A LOT of trouble!

You can click above to play the video now if you want... you'll see exactly why they can and do say this AND you'll be given a full run down of how this works and how you are guaranteed to start burning fat almost immediately if you follow their instructions correctly... However, I recommend reading the rest of this analysis before you do that.


Isabel De Los Rios

So who created this diet program? Isabel De Los Rios, a certified nutritionist who has helped over 30,000 people across the world with their health and weight issues.

With her credentials being nothing short of impressive, Isabel is lauded as one of the top performers of getting people to lose large amounts of weight and her expertise has urged her to create The Diet Solution Program.

This program takes you through the individual issues of the foods and misconceptions that we all have toward the items that we eat... Some of the myths that are exposed include:

Crucial facts about Metabolism Processed food dangers Good fats vs. Bad fats
The truth about Carbs Where and why most Diets fail Common problems with lifestyle
...and that's just a start. It may be easy to say that you can find all of this information for free anywhere online, but you simply can't... and when you get access to the Diet Solution, you'll see exactly why...

Because Isabel is very good at breaking complicated diet techniques into “bite-size” pieces, this is definitely geared toward the person who appreciates Laymen's terms. It's a unique approach to losing weight fast as well as getting (and keeping) yourself looking fit and healthy.

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So let's take a look at each specific part of this program, so you know what you'll get with the Diet Solution Program - and how it'll work...
The Diet Solution Main Manual...

This is the main strategy manual that'll take you through the step by step process you'll need to follow in order to start losing weight fast. It's brilliant and evidently written by a true expert.

The Quick Start Guide...

You don't have to get overwhelmed with all the information you'll receive. This manual shows you how to get started with your weight loss program in just 15 minutes.

Recipe Selection...

You are going to appreciate the work that Isabel put into the Recipes guide. From beverages, sauces, dressings and preparing meats, it's all here. The directions are also easy to follow and do not demand much time in preparation.

Food Shopping Guide...

Isabel has made it easy on you by giving you the exact foods and brands that compliment this program. She developed this shopping guide with the consideration of busy lifestyles as well.

Nutrition Mistakes Making You Fat...

This part of the program gives you the top 10 nutrition mistakes that keep people fat. A lot of passion and research has went into finding the worst mistakes that people do when they eat or drink substances in the “need-it-now” world we live in..

Success Journal...

This a way for you to record your progress on a daily basis with blank areas to fill in your starting and finishing fitness goals. There are also recommended exercises to do in order to be successful in the goals that you set for yourself within a timeline.


As I'm sure you now realize, this program is jam packed with information to help you start losing weight successfully... and as quickly as possible.

In addition, you'll also get her '14 Days to a Sexy New Body in 2010'  - the perfect manual to get you on the right track. This is a handbook to teach you how to combine diet and exercise to receive the quickest results for a better figure.

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Are their any success stories or testimonials?

There are many... You can see them all in full on Isabel's website, but here is one we particularly liked:

“Not too long ago, I was given a grim diagnosis by my doctor (“We’re unsure if you’ll be with us 2 hours from now”) and I knew my life had to change then and there. I decided to start living everyday like it was my last. I knew I had to lose weight but nothing had ever worked for me in the past.

Thanks to Isabel’s program and inspirations, I lost 56 pounds, and also stopped smoking in the process. My self esteem increased, my income increased, and I am now the happiest man in the world. On top of everything else I will be getting married next year to my beautiful girlfriend Svetlana! It’s amazing what losing 56 pounds can do for your life.”

Louis Celment


Is there support?

No person has the same body structure and type. This is why they have set up a page for FAQ's and the ability to ask them questions that you may have.

After you download the product, there is a Contact link that leads to a series of common questions and a contact form.

Download Information?

There is no other way to order this product than through their website. This information is NOT available in stores ANYWHERE in the world.

It won't be available for long online either so Isabel can concentrate on supporting her current members - in other words, this is time sensitive and you are advised to act now.

You can do that here


Here Are The 5 Things We Liked Most About 'The Diet Solution'



It is possible to lose up to 10 lbs in the first week.


You avoid huge costs associated with the 'big brands'.


It has been well thought out and doesn't impact your daily routine.


It is proven, simple to use and you get step by step instructions.


You don't have to eat tasteless, boring 'diet food'.

The Diet Solution Program - OUR CONCLUSION...

There are obviously many weight loss products out there that claim to do wonders. We've analyzed 10 of the most popular and the truth is that the majority are ineffective and unrealistic for long term weight loss results.

This program, however, delivers much more than anything else we've seen - and members actually SEE results!

The very first step is to download the Diet Solution Program, get educated about the 3 fat loss concepts that Isabel reveals and then follow the step by step instructions.

Overall, the Diet Solution Program gets an abundant stamp of approval and we highly recommend it.

Here's The Exclusive Syncbay Bonus Package For The Diet Solution Program...
"101 Ways To Lose 10 Pounds" -  70 Pages
"Easy Fitness Home Workouts" -  32 Pages
"Lose Weight Without Starving " - 61 pages

Here's how you claim the bonuses. First, watch the video presentation and secure your spot immediately to avoid disappointment....

After securing your copy of the Diet Solution Program, forward your confirmation email to:

syncbay [at] gmail.com    (replacing the [at] with an '@')

Please make the subject line of the email:  "DIET" so we can personally  identify and prioritize your request.

We will then confirm your order and get back to you with the links to the bonuses within 24 - 48 hours (most likely sooner but please be patient)


Thanks for reading...

The Syncbay.com Team



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