Want To Improve Your Golf Game?? Break 80 And Cut Your Handicap By Up To 12 Strokes Using A Unique System With A 95% Success Rate!
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We analyzed 10 popular golf improvement products and concluded that the new 'Simple Golf Swing' was by far the easiest way to drop your handicap and play better golf...

How’s your golf game... honestly?

It’s probably safe to say that you are not shooting under 80 on a consistent basis.  But what if you could?  Would you be interested? 

Let me tell you a couple of things that we learned while going through ALL of the programs out there that promise you the “perfect” swing and a lower handicap in "simple and easy to follow steps"....

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Firstly, we discovered that most don't work. Secondly, we discovered that there actually is a product out there that is brand new and does something that no one else is doing - teaching with visuals and practical application

The Simple Golf Swing is an education, more like personal training, that takes you through a step-by-step process as if you hired a personal golf coach (which, indecently, would cost hundreds of dollars to teach you the same techniques.)

What we realized while going through this program ourselves was that it actually was “simple”.  They aren’t trying to reinvent the wheel here.  This is for the person that wants to take what they know already and add that extra power, precision and perfection to their golf game. 

In addition, the Simple Golf Swing program will also:

Save you lots of money
Save you lots of time
Save your sanity
Save your pride
Save your marriage (possibly)
So let's take a look at this program in more depth, so you know what you'll get with the 'Simple Golf Swing' - and how it'll work...

Before we dove deeper into this product to give our initial “trash, bash or cash” review, we really wanted to see if the so-called “95% Success Rate could even be true - it obviously seems a bit far-fetched.  Well, this is how it’s explained and why it is applicable even to the novice golfer:

Most people assume that the reason why Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson and the rest of the pros as so brilliant is that they have a body frame that compliments their golf game and having natural timing. 

The truth is, this is simply not the case.  What the 'Simple Golf Swing' shows you, (in SEVERAL visuals and diagrams), is that all YOU need to do to improve your golf game is make a few simple adjustments to your spine, arms, legs and head, and then the rest will fall into place (ie. the timing and power)

You see, what most people think is that the power comes from your shoulders and arms.  In fact, the power is actually derived from your backbone.  Your spine is also how you orientate the ball to go where it needs to go. 

...so what happens when you get your spine to be in the correct position? 

You get power, timing and consistency. 

When you create that solid foundation of your core skeletal system, which gives you swings that are consistent, everything else just falls into place . 

This system tells SHOWS you just how to do this!

No human on Earth has the same body makeup - and this basically means that there is no perfect swing...

It’s all in the positioning of what you have to work with.  Your body type could be:


"Example Of The Step By Step Instructions"


The point that we are trying to make, and that the Simple Golf Swing shows you, is that there is an actual process to get the body to swing a certain way, and David Nevogt is the perfect person to explain this. 

Who is David Nevogt? Nevogt is, not only a golfer, but also a writer who specializes in writing books about the game of golf.  He has helped over 19,000 people in 36 countries improve their golf swing and lower their handicap by using the steps in this system alone! That’s what I call impressive results! 

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Are there any success stories?

Yes, hundreds of them. In fact, this system improves the game of 9 out of every 10 golfers who try it. On David's website there are many truly impressive testimonials with numerous customers dropping their handicap by 10 shots or more! Here are just a couple...

Is there support?

After you download the Simple Golf Swing, you have the ability to contact David Nevogt directly with any questions that you may have.  You'll get his personal email.

Ordering Information...

There is no other way to order this product than through their website.  This information is definitely proven to reduce your handicap and is considered to be a true gem. 

That is why I would act now if you are serious about reducing your handicap and teaching yourself how to increase your chances of beating your friends! You can do that here.



Here Are The 5 Things We Liked Most About 'The Simple Golf Swing'



Results are seen within minutes when you follow the system.


You avoid the huge expenses of hiring a golf coach.


Heavily recommended by 'weekend golfers' as well as professionals.


Any body type can use these easy steps to improve their game.


Delivers what it says… Simple, effective and easy to follow.
The Simple Golf Swing  - OUR CONCLUSION...

We went through 10 of the most popular and “hyped” up programs and systems out there and we have ultimately come to the conclusion that David Nevogt has really delivered a system here that anyone can implement. 

Many programs just tell you what to do and then tell you, “Now go do it!”  This system is different in how David understands that you need help and that you are not going to shoot low scores immediately – he never says that.  What he does say is that you will see results in your swing immediately. 

If you use this system how it is set up and intended, we believe that you have a much better chance at getting the ball to where it needs to go. Click this link to visit David's website and find out more about the Simple Golf Swing.


Thanks for reading...

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